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Elder Care Coordinator

Elder Care Coordinator

Elder Care Coordinator

Many families struggle with how to address the needs of their parents and senior members.   Discussions with regards to the care and well-being of the elder can become heated as old grievances surface and emotions flare.

Elder Mediation is a conflict resolution process that can assist elders and members of their families to develop outcomes that address the needs of everyone involved in the care of the elder.  A professional mediator trained in issues that impact the elder can assist with the difficult discussion between family members and create an elder plan to move forward.  The process is neutral, safe and confidential.

  • What Types of Questions Can Elder Mediation Address?
  • Distribution of tasks among family members
  • Concerns with financial decisions and management of accounts
  • Overpowering family members or a power imbalance
  • Barriers to communication
  • Schedules for visiting and caring for the elder
  • Disagreements as to possession and control of property
  • Payment of bills
  • Avoidance of abuse of elder
  • Assistance with medical appointments and follow-up

Guardianship is Not Always the Answer

When a senior family member has difficulty with daily tasks and decision-making, many people assume it is time to appoint a Guardian for the Elder.   This is not the only alternative.   By identifying the areas in which the elder needs assistance, and deciding who may be the best person to offer support, many of these obstacles can be overcome by delegating tasks.    An Elder Mediator can guide the discussion and assist in identifying resources that are available to the family.

Elder Care Mediation

Eldercaring Coordination

For families with high levels of conflict, an Eldercaring Coordinator may be recommended to assist with resolving disputes outside of the legal system.   When the emotions and family dynamics become prominent in decision-making for the elder, Eldercaring Coordination is an option that can be ordered by the court to facilitate communication.   The focus of Eldercaring Coordination is the health, autonomy and safety of the elder.   This process is put into place for a two year term to address recurring conflicts.    If this sounds like a process that could be beneficial for you and your family, Kim Torres is qualified to serve as an Eldercaring Coordinator.

Eldercaring Coordination is governed by Florida Statute 44.407

Qualifications of Eldercaring Coordinator:

  1. Meet a professional training requirement, such as being a member of the Florida Bar, or is  certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family mediator
  2. Completed three years of postlicensure practice
  3. Completed a certified family mediation training program
  4. Completed an approved  Eldercaring Coordination program, which incorporates Elder Mediation training
  5. Passes a criminal background check

Matters Appropriate for Elder Mediation:

  • Appointment of a Guardian for the Elder
  • Disagreements about expenditures of the elder or a family member using the elder’s funds
  • Objection to Power of Attorney signed by the elder
  • Will Disputes and Estate challenges
  • Questions as to where the elder will reside
  • Need for Assisted Living Facilities or home Healthcare Workers
  • Limits on a family member’s ability to communicate or visit the elder
  • Control over bank accounts or investment accounts
  • Concerns regarding abuse or neglect of the elder
  • Dissipation of assets of the elder
Elder Mediators

What an Elder Mediator is NOT:

  • Case Manager to coordinate resources for the elder
  • Family Counselor to address long-term or on-going grievances among family members
  • Judge, who makes decision on behalf of the elder, or any of the family members
  • Elder Coordinator who makes recommendations to the court, or states preferences for outcomes or particular parties

More families are turning to Elder Mediators for assistance in having the difficult and sometimes contentious discussion among family members and friends of the elder.  A trained professional can provide a neutral atmosphere, in a safe environment for this personal and confidential discussion.